Who is Foo Fighters New Drummer?

As Foo Fighters continue their tour, one question has been on everyone’s mind: who is their new drummer? With Taylor Hawkins’ passing, Dave Grohl and his band have been left scrambling to find a replacement.

Last year, several drummers were invited to perform with Taylor Hawkins during his tribute shows, including Josh Freese and Omar Hakim.

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron is an experienced musician, having performed with some of rock music’s biggest names. He’s toured with both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, as well as side projects Hater and Wellwater Conspiracy.

He boasts an expansive selection of snares and is renowned for his creative, powerful, and precise technique. He alternates between Gregg Keplinger-built models and Yamaha productions; additionally, he uses Steve Jordan’s signature cocktail kit during live performances.

His abilities on the kit are well-known throughout the industry, making him a favorite of professional drummers and students alike. As one of rock music’s most versatile and skilled drummers, his groove works to support rather than dominate the song’s atmosphere.

Matt Cameron has recorded with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, as well as contributing to several other notable albums. He contributed seven tracks on The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1998 album Adore, a studio track on Peter Frampton’s Fingerprints, four songs on Eleven’s Thunk album and Geddy Lee’s 2000 solo record My Favourite Headache.

Recently, there have been rumours that Cameron may be joining the Foo Fighters after Taylor Hawkins’ tragic passing last year. However, he has recently refuted these reports with an Instagram Story statement to state that he is not part of the band.

Rami Jaffee

Rami Jaffee is an acclaimed American musician who has collaborated with numerous bands throughout his career. Currently, he’s part of the Foo Fighters. Rami began performing music as a youngster and performed in local bands before branching out into session work and production work.

His band The Wallflowers was one of his earliest projects. Later, he worked as a session musician for several groups including Foo Fighters. Additionally, he is an actor who has starred in multiple movies.

He is believed to have an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million, which he has amassed over time. Additionally, he is proud father to his daughter, as evidenced by an Instagram post.

PayScale reports that his annual compensation is approximately $39,888. This figure is higher than the median musician’s annual earnings.

Since 1994, The band has earned 15 Grammy Awards and cemented itself as a household name. Furthermore, they are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Their most recent album, Concrete and Gold, features some special guests such as Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett, and Rami Jaffee.

Omar Hakim

Omar Hakim is an esteemed jazz, fusion and pop music drummer. He’s performed with numerous notable artists such as Weather Report, Sting, David Bowie, Madonna and Dire Straits among others.

Born on February 12th in New York City, Hakim was raised in the musically vibrant area of Jamaica, Queens. His father Hasan Hakim – a swing trombonist for Duke Ellington and Count Basie fame – had a significant role in shaping both his personal life and professional career.

At five, he began drumming. By ten, he was touring with his dad’s band as part of their repertoire. His talent quickly gained recognition and soon enough, he found himself playing in some of jazz fusion music’s iconic groups.

His drum solo on Sting’s “Dream of the Blue Turtles” is widely regarded as one of the finest ever played. Additionally, he contributed to Miles Davis’ Tutu, Music From Siesta and many other classic albums.

Omar has performed with several notable artists over the years, such as The Offspring and 100 gecs. He also has a full-time gig with Devo but could easily fit in with Foo Fighters due to his jazz background. Additionally, Omar has maintained an intimate friendship with Motley Crue’s bassist Tom Morello for many years.

Patrick Wilson

The Foo Fighters are set to embark on their first major tour without former drummer Taylor Hawkins. The group plans to play several US and Canadian dates between May and September 2023, including appearances at Boston Calling Music Festival and Sonic Temple Arts & Music Festival.

The band is set to announce their replacement drummer for this tour soon. According to The Sun, Matt Cameron – who previously played with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam – is “lined up” to sit behind the kit during upcoming gigs. Angels & Airwaves drummer Atom Willard may also be considered as a second option, sources informed The Sun.

Patrick Wilson, a close friend of Hawkins’, is an award-winning actor whose credits include Fargo (for which he received both an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination), Angels in America (2003), Hard Candy (2006) and Little Children (2007).

Wilson is also a musician, having performed with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam on tour. He’s produced numerous albums alongside artists like Tom Morello and Brian Eno. Additionally, he’s performed live at numerous performances and festivals around the world. His work has earned him numerous awards and nominations such as the New York Times Critics’ Choice Award. Wilson is married to actress Dagmara Dominczyk; they have two children together.

Chad Smith

One year after Taylor Hawkins’ passing, The Foo Fighters are eager to return on tour. They will play several shows throughout May and June, including Boston Calling and Sonic Temple festivals.

As they practice and prepare for these dates, the question of who will be their new drummer has become a hot topic. The band needs someone strong to replace Hawkins who passed away last year due to complications from an apparent heart attack.

Chad Smith, the longtime drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers, could potentially fill that void. As an experienced musician, he’s performed with bands such as Johnny Cash, George Clinton, Kid Rock and John Fogerty among others.

He’s been the drumming legend for Red Hot Chili Peppers since 1988, making him their longest serving member. Aside from his drumming responsibilities, he also devotes himself to family matters by adopting an elementary school and performing several charity gigs for its students.

He may not be the most obvious choice, but he’s an incredibly talented individual and could make a great replacement. As a big, physical drummer who fits with the band’s style of music perfectly, he would bring valuable experience to the group.

Jon Theodore

The Foo Fighters’ new drummer will be an exciting addition to the band. Theodore is a musician who appreciates classic rock styles – Billy Cobham’s otherworldly facility and John Bonham’s elephantine swagger – but also interprets them into something modern arena shows can appreciate.

Theodore has been playing drums for over 15 years. He began taking lessons at age 15 and quickly developed a dedicated practice routine that helped him hone his skills. Additionally, Theodore developed an appreciation of various genres of music, listening to legendary drummers such as Elvin Jones and Billy Cobham for inspiration.

He began working with Queens of the Stone Age in 2013, and since then they have become a staple in Los Angeles’ music scene. Today he tours with them as their permanent drummer.

Jon Theodore has collaborated with a variety of artists, such as Mars Volta and Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. Additionally, he performed with Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine.

Although still young, he’s already made an impression on the band by displaying his skills at tribute shows in London last September. At 16 years old, it appears he could become the next great Foo Fighters drummer.

Although Theodore may not have the same charisma as Hawkins, he is an incredibly talented and experienced drummer. He doesn’t hesitate to take risks and is an incredibly proficient player.

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