Top 10 Songs About Forbidden Love

Forbidden love can be one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences anyone will ever go through. These songs are all about that experience.

Some of them will make you cry, while others offer comfort. No matter if you’re in a secret relationship or just have an intense crush, these forbidden love songs will leave you with mixed feelings!

Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet

Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet is one of the most captivating songs about forbidden love. This classic rock tune brings to mind films like Carousel or West Side Story with ease.

Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet not only has a captivating melody, but it also showcases Mark Knopfler’s remarkable guitar playing talent. Not only is he highly creative in this song, but he uses power chords as well.

Dire Straits are an underrated band with some great music to their name. Although they started out young, their maturity in the industry shows. Furthermore, Dire Straits live a humble life; not focusing on being famous or glamorous in life.

Atlantic Starr – Secret Lovers

Sung as a duet by Barbara Weathers and David Lewis, this mid-tempo number was an instant classic. It spawned two top ten singles on both US and UK charts as well as several platinum selling albums and tours around the world. Even today this record still resonates with its many fans; it continues to be played by numerous renowned acts today. For those willing to stick around for the ride, however, the experience is worth every penny spent.

Billie Eilish – Take It Back

If you’re a fan of confessional pop, Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever album is unmatched for its honesty and vulnerability. On her second full-length, she continues to push musical boundaries but also finds an authentic voice that has already drawn in a large following of fans who can relate to her quirky attitude and unfiltered approach to writing.

One of the earliest songs on Take It Back, “Billie Bossa Nova,” is an atmospheric slow burner that might sound like it was recorded in a cafe in Twin Peaks. Eilish sings, “Some information’s not for sharing / Use different names at hotel check-ins,” calling out the absurdity of needing nondisclosure agreements after hooking up with someone. She takes an audacious shot at God asking, “What do you think of us / Doing these things?” She isn’t afraid to discuss mental health and eating disorders as well as pornography and male objectification of women – which are big issues for many teens today.

J. Cole – The Wrong Fruit

Cole’s meteoric rise to the top of hip hop music doesn’t always translate to success. Some of his songs can be overwrought and he frequently includes cliche references to other popular musicians. Nonetheless, his success does not guarantee a perfect product though.

However, some songs stand out more than others. One such gem is “Forbidden Fruit,” featuring an intriguing sample from Ronnie Foster’s “Mystic Brew” on A Tribe Called Quest’s classic “Electric Relaxation.”

Cole does a good job of tempering the somewhat cliched lyrics with some clever wordplay and subtle nods to his peers.

The album’s standout track is undoubtedly “Middle Child,” which is perhaps one of the best examples of a romantic love song in recent memory. While not perfect, this track certainly has its share of charm and may even be its most significant track.

Jesse McCartney & Kendrick Lamar – I Don’t Want To Be Alone

Jesse McCartney has been making music for over 15 years. His albums have sold over 1 million copies and earned him the status of platinum artist. Additionally, his songs have been featured in multiple movies and TV shows.

McCartney’s 2014 album Beautiful Soul showcased his songwriting prowess perfectly, with its complex melody and variety of tempos.

He is an accomplished singer with over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Additionally, his song Better With You was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Lamar has been nominated for numerous awards this year, including artist of the year and best original song for his collaboration with SZA on Black Panther’s “All The Stars.” Additionally, Lamar is an actor; you can see him in FilmNation Entertainment’s upcoming horror film Untitled Oren Peli Project.

Taylor Swift – Love Story

Taylor Swift’s love story “Love Story” is a modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, inspiring teenage girls around the world to dream about an intense star-crossed romance like its portrays. The track has become an international success, earning Swift multiple awards and reaching number one in 35 countries around the world.

The lyrics of the song offer a charming insight into the lives of two young people who desire to be together but face opposition from their parents and society. As a result, they choose to keep their relationship private from others.

Forbidden love is an experience many people avoid talking about, yet it can be incredibly painful. The emotions can become overwhelming and lead to emotional misunderstandings. Fortunately, there are songs available to help you get through this trying time. These melodies will guide you away from forbidden love into a happier future with those you cherish most.

Zendaya & Zac Efron – Rewrite The Stars

The song “Rewrite The Stars” tells a tale of forbidden love between two lovers. It reminds us that when faced with obstacles in our relationships, we must fight to maintain them and find ways to overcome them.

Zendaya and Zac Efron’s duet is an incredible musical number. It is literally staged on a flying trapeze, providing audiences with an unforgettable spectacle.

Making this scene work was no small feat, but the results are absolutely worth it! It’s one of their most beloved on-screen kisses.

In addition to their musical number, they had a blast filming it together and became close during the process. Their bond has continued long after the movie as they are often seen together.

Zendaya is currently in a relationship with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. They met while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016 and have an reportedly close connection. Additionally, their zodiac signs match up perfectly; Tom being Gemini and Zendaya being Virgo.

Keane – Rainy Day

Keane is an accomplished singer-songwriter renowned for his beautiful lyricists. His songs often explore forbidden love and all its associated emotions.

Rainy Day is a song that explores the feelings people have for each other when they remain secret. The narrator wishes she could share her affection with everyone, yet she wants to keep their identity hidden.

In this song, the narrator attempts to convince her lover that she is the perfect person for him. She confesses her affections but conceals it because she knows he’s in a relationship with someone else.

Keen spent his childhood listening to eight-track tapes of Depression-era country music artists. He also spent his free moments riding around in a red 1970 Ford Maverick with his best friend Bryan Duckworth, drinking cases of Texas Pride beer and taking in the energy of Houston’s music scene.

Billie Eilish – I Can’t Stand to Hear You Say That

Billie Eilish is an incredible young singer with powerful vocals and haunting lyrics. She’s quickly become one of the world’s most successful artists, boasting multiple hit singles and seven Grammy awards under her belt.

But the 19-year-old isn’t content to rest on her laurels; she continues to push boundaries and challenge her audience. In her newest single, I Can’t Stand to Hear You Say That, she tackles an especially sensitive subject: body shaming.

This song by Eilish acknowledges her past experience of “starving myself” and taking diet pills to hide her body from the media. However, as time has passed she has grown to appreciate and accept her body for what it is.

Eilish has made a brave choice by speaking out about it, in hopes of helping to “reverse the cycle.” Let’s hope this positive influence has an impact on others as well.

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