Top 10 90s R&B Groups

One of the greatest accomplishments of the 90s was all of the incredible R&B groups that emerged. Their countless hit songs have touched lives around the globe.

These groups may no longer be with us, but their music lives on. Reminisce with this list to remember all of the ’90s’ greats!

A Few Good Men

The group remains together, releasing new music occasionally.

A Few Good Men were one of the most successful 90s R&B groups signed to Arista subsidiary LaFace Records. They excelled in romantic ballads and low-key grooves.

They had hits like “Feels Good”, “Whatever You Want” and “Anniversary,” as well as multiple platinum albums to their name. After disbanding in the early 2000s, they reunited to release several albums over the past decade.

Rob Reiner’s film adaptation of an Aaron Sorkin play follows two Marines on trial for murdering another at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. A young Navy lawyer named Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) represents Harold Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison) and Louden Downey (James Marshall), both facing dishonorably discharge from the Marine Corps if found guilty.

Institutionalism can blind even the bravest individuals. In the military, particularly among Marines, adherence to an ethical code often supersedes personal morality.

The phrase “you can’t handle the truth” is borrowed from the movie, but in reality it’s a parody of Colonel Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson), who is depicted as Commander of Guantanamo. Jessup is an egomaniac who believes in his position above all else and uses its authority to impose his will upon everyone around him.

Special Generation

In the 90s, many influential r&b groups emerged. While most have continued to perform and tour, it can be a challenge to stay abreast of them all–especially with social media!

Although much focus has been given to grunge and gangsta rap, the 1990s also rank as one of the great eras for rhythm and blues music. This period helped shape much of what we know about this beloved genre today.

Special Generation became a pioneer of new-jack swing music during the ’90s. Their debut album was released in 1990, followed by their sophomore effort in 1992.

This group, featuring urban contemporary R&B and new jack swing music, was a mainstay of the early ’90s. They appeared regularly on shows like Arsenio Hall Show, MTV Jams and VH1 Soul.

New Jack Swing has become the go-to music for house parties across America with their uptempo beats. A part of rock’s golden era, they have never stopped touring since.

Teddy Riley founded the group with Kendrick Washington, Maquet Robinson, Fernando Carter and Charles Salter; now back together and touring as a trio. Their hits include “No Diggity,” “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” and “Take Me There.”

Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men, previously known as Unique Attraction, are one of the most renowned R&B groups of the 90s. Formed when high school students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania joined forces, baritone Nathan Morris and tenors Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman have since earned four Grammy awards for their hits.

In the 1990s, Cooleyhighharmony achieved fame on Motown Records, where their debut album Cooleyhighharmony earned them a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals in 1992. Their hit singles “Motownphilly” and “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 charts and earned them platinum and gold certification respectively.

Their success continued as they embarked on a worldwide tour. Twenty, their most recent studio album, was released in 2011.

Billboard magazine named them as the biggest boy band from 1987 to 2012. They’re renowned for their smooth four-part harmonies and unique doo-wop meets hip-hop sound.

Although they have now formed a trio, baritone Nathan Morris and tenors Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris still draw audiences to their live shows with timeless hits that still captivate women today. They have earned numerous awards for their music, and are continuously releasing new material that promises to delight fans.


Jodeci is one of the greatest R&B groups ever and continues to influence music today. They are renowned for their groundbreaking sounds and blend of sultry vocals with hip hop elements. With over 15 million records sold worldwide, they can be considered pioneers of the new jack swing genre.

Jodeci’s career began in 1991 when they formed as a quartet of North Carolina boys who had all started singing gospel choirs as children. Drawing inspiration from the Pentacostal church, their sound was distinctive from any other group at that time.

Their debut single “Come and Talk to Me” became an instant hit, propelling them onto the scene as an R&B phenomenon. Their sultry yet edgy sounds revolutionized the industry and set the standard for other 90s R&B groups to come after.

Though their music often focused on sensual grooves and sexualized lyrics, they also had a more tender side as well. Their ballads such as “Love U 4 Life” became classic staples of Black weddings over the years.

Jodeci’s members – DeVante Swing, K-Ci Hailey, Dalvin DeGrate and Joel “Jojo” Hailey – continue to collaborate occasionally while making music independently as well.

Jodeci members remain close friends and are active in charitable projects. Furthermore, the duo has launched their own record label called Da Producers Choice that seeks to give emerging artists exposure and financial assistance in order to succeed.

Bell Biv DeVoe

Bell Biv DeVoe (BBD), better known by their stage name BBD, is an R&B group formed in 1989 by members of the popular 1980s ensemble New Edition. Comprised of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe – all singers and producers – BBD quickly achieved international success.

They are best known for their debut album Poison, which became an enormous success and popularized the new jack swing movement of the 1990s. This groundbreaking work cemented their place as one of music’s most influential acts to this day.

Though they released several other albums, none of them ever quite replicated the success of their debut. Hootie Mack (1993), released shortly after Poison, wasn’t quite as popular or chart-topping, either.

After taking a brief hiatus from music, the group returned in 2000 with their comeback album BBD. While it wasn’t as successful as their previous albums, it did peak at number 18 on Billboard 200 and produced the single Run.

They have since released several singles and have collaborated with younger artists for some of their more recent releases. Furthermore, they continue to tour independently as well as taking part in reunion tours throughout the years. Their live shows have always been thrilling experiences, with concertgoers eager to witness them perform all their popular hits.

New Edition

The ’90s were an exciting era for R&B, and New Edition stands as one of the iconic groups that helped launch many superstars. Their music endures to this day as a staple within the genre.

In 1978, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Bobby Brown from Roxbury, Boston formed the group The Beatle Trio. After winning several talent shows they added Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie DeVoe as members.

After releasing their debut album Candy Girl in 1983, New Edition went on to become one of the most successful R&B groups of all time. Their biggest hit was “Mr. Telephone Man,” which went on to top multiple charts and continues to be played on radio stations across America today.

With New Edition’s long history of staying true to their fans, they always provide something fresh and new. Whether it be live streaming sessions, Q&As online or even physical events – this group truly has something for everyone!

Their live performances are always exhilarating and captivating, featuring plenty of energy and an incredible connection with each audience. Whether it’s classic hits or new takes on current material, these shows guarantee to leave you wanting more!

New Edition have been together since they were young, and have remained a formidable force in the music industry for decades. Their timeless hits and innovative style have had an immense impact on generations of fans; earning them numerous accolades and becoming part of popular culture.

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