Top 10 90s Karaoke Songs

Are you searching for a song from the 90s to sing? There are plenty of great options to choose from. These classic hits will transport you back to simpler times and they are sure to have your friends singing along too!

Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit Black or White is an ideal choice for karaoke. It has an upbeat but entertaining tempo that guarantees to get everyone singing along.

Black or White by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s most successful song was this one, released in November 1991 as the lead single from his album Dangerous. It went on to become his 12th number one hit in America and remains among his biggest successes today.

This song addresses race and is meant as an anti-racism protest song. The lyrics tell the story of a young black man who’s tired of being discriminated against due to his race, and wishes everyone would come together and work towards racial harmony.

Bill Bottrell’s guitar work and Jackson’s vocal style make for a catchy tune that would be ideal for karaoke night.

What makes this music video particularly captivating is its unique style. Directed by John Landis (director of Thriller), it utilizes extensive special effects to give Jackson a truly distinctive appearance.

Jackson performs in the music video among various cultures and people from around the world, including African dancers, Thai dancers, Russian dancers and a Plains Indian dancing group. Additionally, there is a morphing sequence in which people from various races and genders can transform into one another.

Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera boasts one of the most iconic voices in modern pop music, and her 1999 teen pop/dance-pop hit Genie In A Bottle marked her entrance into the industry. This song became her breakthrough hit, rocketing to number one on Billboard Hot 100 and several other countries’ charts, selling over 2 million copies worldwide and cementing Aguilera as a household name around the world.

The lyrics of this song focus on self-respect and treating women fairly. They’re fun and uplifting, making for an excellent karaoke track.

Though released as a single, Aguilera’s self-titled album in 1999 featured it and instantly became a worldwide hit. The single reached number 1 in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Spain and the United States; going platinum in seven additional countries.

This classic song is one of the all-time greats, so no matter your experience level or first time singing along, you’re sure to have a blast at your next karaoke session. Plus, it’s sure to get everyone up and dancing!

Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb is an incredibly gifted singer-songwriter who has achieved success in multiple fields. Her 1994 hit single Stay (I Missed You) reached number one on the US Hot 100 chart and cemented her place as one of pop music’s premier acts.

“Stay” was composed by Loeb herself and produced by Juan Patino. It was released as the lead single from the original movie soundtrack to Reality Bites in May 1994.

Although the song was released without an official record deal, it topped both Billboard Hot 100 and Canada Top Singles charts – marking the first time an unsigned artist had achieved number one on those charts.

Ethan Hawke directed the music video for “Stay,” featuring Loeb running through an empty apartment and singing directly into the camera.

Loeb is an inspiring example of how successful musicians can use their fame to pursue what they love most. After her career took off in the ’90s, she went on to record children’s music and appeared on several Food Network shows. Additionally, she sang for Spider-Man in the cartoon series.

Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

Martin’s 1999 hit single “Livin’ La Vida Loca” caused a cultural revolution and helped break down barriers between Latin music and mainstream pop music. It went on to become one of the most successful songs in history, reaching number one in over 20 countries.

This powerful song ignited the Latin pop phenomenon and set the stage for many successful Spanish-speaking artists in their transition into English-speaking markets. It went on to become one of the biggest singles worldwide in 1999, selling over one million copies worldwide – becoming Martin’s first number-one hit single in America.

Ricky Martin sings of a temptress who will intoxicate you to the point that you can’t stop dancing in the rain. It’s an unorthodox way of describing sexual desire, but Martin does it with an infectious joy that transcends any particular culture or dialect.

In this sense, the song pays homage to third-wave ska as much as most Latin pop; it’s an energetically charged style that won’t let you sit still. But it is more than just showy: this tune boasts genuine musical chops too; its instrumentals are driving and energetic, with Martin’s enthusiastic singing adding extra fuel for fire.

Theme Song by Destiny’s Child

A great theme song is a powerful tool for connecting with an audience, and fans of Disney’s The Proud Family warned the show’s creators not to alter the original theme song performed by Solange Knowles and Destiny’s Child. Thus, when the rebooted show premiered this week, Insider reports that producers chose to retain the original version.

Destiny’s Child were an American R&B girl group consisting of lead singer Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They began their musical journey as Girls Tyme in 1990 before forming Destiny’s Child as their own entity.

The pre-teen artists made an appearance on Star Search but lost, prompting their manager Andretta Tillman to bring in Mathew Knowles to help rework their act. In 1996, Destiny’s Child was formed with Farrah Franklin added as part of a revamped lineup.

Destiny’s Child marked a new era of neo-soul music with their self-titled debut. Combining youthful energy and live instrumentation, they pioneered this form of contemporary Black music that celebrated its roots.

The lead single from their album, “No No No,” became a hit and became one of their signature songs. Two months later, in October 1998, their second single, “With Me,” hit number one on Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

Wannabe was the debut single released by Spice Girls and quickly achieved international success. In the UK alone, it reached number one for seven weeks and reached the top of charts across 22 countries by 1996’s end.

The song achieved unprecedented success in the United States. Released in January 1997, it immediately shot to number 11 – an incredible leap for a non-American artist in that country at that time.

“Wannabe” celebrates female friendship and encourages them to assert themselves. A truly beautiful song, “Wannabe” encourages women to stand up for themselves and celebrate their strength.

As a result, it was an enormous hit and quickly went on to become the Spice Girls’ best-selling single ever. Certified platinum, it sold millions of copies around the world.

Geri Halliwell and Melanie B’s vocals are coupled with a fast-paced pop melody written by Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard that celebrates girl power. The Spice Girls’ popfeminism provided much needed oxygen in an otherwise grungy and gangsta-rap heavy music scene.

Theme Song by Pokemon

Pokemon fans cherish Theme Song from Pokemon with a deep place in their hearts. This iconic song has been part of the show since its inception and continues to inspire 90s nostalgia and hilarious memes to this day.

The song’s lyrics are a mix of motivational speech and tough battle talk, but its melodies will stay with you forever. It has an upbeat, fun vibe that will get you in the right mindset to fight.

It’s one of the most iconic theme songs ever, with millions of fans singing it with passion and remembering every word.

The Pokemon franchise has inspired a vast amount of pop culture, from Broadway plays and children’s books to temporary tattoos, retail stores and theme parks. Its music has also played an integral part of it all – the original soundtrack for the first movie being certified double platinum! You can stream and download this content from the Pokemon Company website; however it’s region locked to Japan and Asia so you’ll need a VPN in order to access it.

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