The Best Jackie Wilson Songs of All Time

Legendary R&B singer Jackie Wilson helped pave the way for an entirely new generation of African American performers. His captivating stage presence and powerful vocals cemented him as one of music’s all-time greats, transcending any competition.

Jack Leroy Wilson Jr was born on June 9, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan and began singing gospel music at a young age. He also became an accomplished boxer for the Golden Gloves organization but soon after gave up boxing to pursue success as a singer-songwriter.

Whispers (Gettin’ Louder)

Jackie Wilson’s debut LP for Brunswick label on Brunswick Records marked a momentous achievement. Producer Carl Davis elevated Wilson from Broadway-tune snoozefests and pop schmaltz into gritty Chicago Soul territory – an achievement which continues to be underappreciated by the record industry trade press. It stands as testament to Davis’ vision that one of his finest albums remains relatively unknown among industry trade publications.

The album is packed with hits and gems, but the title track remains my top favorite due to its simple beauty. Particularly, “Whispers (Getting’ Louder)” has become a crowd favorite with its captivating hook and infectious beat that have drawn in legions of fans who have even been known to sing along with the radio! Additionally, this landmark album spawned multiple hit singles such as “(Far from) The Fairest of Them All”, which reached number 20 on the Billboard chart in 2016.

Are you searching for an enjoyable piece of music to listen to while basking in the sun on your lanai? Give this record a try; I guarantee that you’ll be glad you did! The only downside is that you won’t have time to enjoy it for very long.


Jackie Wilson was an incredible stage performer, topping R&B charts worldwide with his charisma and charm. From singing with Sam Cooke’s grace to moving with James Brown’s frenetic energy, Jackie Wilson had it all under one roof – the essence of R&B perfection.

Jackie Wilson began as a singer for the Dee Gees before making his solo debut with “Reet Petite,” written with Roquel “Billy” Davis and signed to Brunswick Records by Berry Gordy and company president Nat Tarnopol. It quickly went on to become an enormous hit on both pop and R&B charts, cementing Wilson’s place as one of R&B music’s all-time greats.

He achieved number two status with the upbeat, brass-infused “Baby Workout” in 1963 and followed that up with another hit, “Higher and Higher,” two years later. These successes came as Wilson broke away from his Dee Gees bandmates’ shadow and experimented with his own musical style–incorporating a trendy contemporary element that would later be adopted by other Motown artists.

Wilson’s albums weren’t as successful in the charts as his singles, but they were still well produced and showcased his creative vision. His signature blend of uptempo R&B and mainstream ballads had an irresistible sex appeal that appealed to a wide audience.

His final record, released posthumously in 1983, was “Talk That Talk.” Sung by Michael Jackson, this song encourages listeners to be confident and charismatic while simultaneously commanding attention. With its vibrant vocal range and lively instrumentation, the track creates an upbeat vibe that perfectly matches its inspirational lyrics.

Lonely Teardrops

Lonely Teardrops, a 1999 Grammy Hall of Fame inductee and classic doo wop hit, is an exquisite acoustic rendition by the doo wop greats. Featuring an uptempo piano/vocal/guitar arrangement, this song is essential for fans of the genre.

Wilson’s debut single for Brunswick quickly went viral, becoming a Top Ten hit on both R&B charts and pop charts alike. It earned appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and American Bandstand too – proof that rock music combined with an appealing voice can make an impact with listeners everywhere.

Wilson recorded an array of songs throughout the course of her career that are sure to please fans. Aside from Lonely Teardrops, there are several other standout tracks that should be on any Jackie Wilson fan’s must-have list.

This classic acoustic ballad has been covered in several versions over the years, most notably by Michael McDonald in 1990 and Howard Huntsberry for the 1987 biographical movie Duets. Additionally, it made an appearance on Leaving Las Vegas (2000 movie) as well as numerous other television and radio commercials.

There’s more to this acoustic masterpiece than meets the eye. Not only does it possess impressive instrumental prowess, but it also showcases some stunning vocal acrobatics – so much so that it was even featured briefly on one of music’s biggest awards shows: The Grammys! No wonder then that it has been credited as one of its most notable tracks on the album in its own right.

Baby Workout

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I’ll Be Satisfied

One of the most beloved songs of its era, I’ll Be Satisfied was released in 1959 and quickly achieved top popularity on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Composed by future Motown founder Berry Gordy, this track highlights several blessings that will make us truly contented: peace with God, contentment in life and companionship – making it a staple among church hymnbooks today.

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