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Stephanie Mills is a Grammy-winning R&B singer-actress best known for her role as Dorothy in the Broadway musical The Wiz. At nine years old, she recorded her first album Movin’ in the Right Direction and shortly after won amateur night at New York’s Apollo Theatre six weeks in a row at 15 years old.

Her success on the stage spawned an array of musical performances. Her breakthrough came with her appearance in 1975’s original cast recording of The Wiz, and her rendition of “Home” peaked at number one on R&B charts for years.

Tantalizingly Hot

Stephanie Mills was born in New York and began her musical career at an early age, winning multiple Apollo Theater amateur night contests and landing lead roles in two Broadway Musicals (Maggie Flynn and The Wiz). By 18 years old, Stephanie had won six consecutive times at this prestigious competition and signed a deal with a major record label.

Mills is best known for her role as Dorothy in The Wiz, but she also sang lead in the Broadway production of The Children of Eden and featured on several gospel albums such as Personal Inspirations (1995). Additionally, Mills has released numerous singles over the years and her career continues to flourish.

Tantalizingly Hot was Mills’ sixth studio album and her first release on Casablanca Records. For this record, she continued working with her production team of James Mtume and Reggie Lucas.

Tantalizingly Hot is more refined and captivating than her previous three releases on 20th Century Fox, boasting several hits like “Last Night,” “Keep Away Girls,” as well as the lower-charting “You Can’t Run From My Love.” All are solid R&B/pop tracks.

Tantalizingly Hot features songs written by a variety of writers, with notable contributions from James Mtume and Reggie Lucas, Ashford & Simpson, as well as Mills herself.

Tantalizingly Hot was her final album produced by Mtume and Lucas before they moved on to other projects. While it didn’t have quite as big an impact as her earlier hits, the release remained popular on R&B and pop charts alike; becoming the only LP to hit both Billboard R&B and Top 200 charts simultaneously with lead singles “Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'” and “Never Knew Love Like This Before.”


Merciless, her third album with Casablanca Records, finds the R&B superstar at her most assured and passionate about writing songs. A stunning collection, it boasts an array of memorable tunes crafted with precision by producers Gary Klein, David Wolfert and the late Phil Ramone.

On Merciless, Mills showcases his diverse lyrical abilities with the standout title track and an eclectic range of genres and styles. From funky jazz on “My Body” to Latin-flavored percussion on “Grave Pact,” the album’s musical palette offers something for everyone.

Though this album may be a bit too short and lacking the vocal energy of her previous two efforts, it remains one of Mills’ finest works. From sultry ballads like “Do You Love Him” to funky disco tunes like “Pilot Error,” she makes an impressive case for herself as an artist with this record.

Thankfully, it also features some of her most captivating dance numbers, such as the infectious and rhythmically bouncy anthem “Here I Am” and catchy pop hit “Pilot Error.”

In August, Gal Dem Gizzada deejay Merciless passed away suddenly from a heart attack. According to Harvel ‘Gadaffie’ Hart, the singer’s manager and producer, his death was due to an untreated broken heart.

Gadaffie revealed his plans for Merciless’ body to lie in state in Kingston, Jamaica for several hours before having a funeral. Additionally, he and his wife have already decided to bring Merciless’ three children – Lenny, Isaiah, and Evangeline – back home for the service.

I’ve Got The Cure

For their dedicated cult following, The Cure’s 13 studio albums since 1979 have served as a healing balm for sadness and self-doubt. From Three Imaginary Boys (known as Boys Don’t Cry in America) to 2008’s grandly euphoric 4:13 Dream, they have created an intensely personal connection with their fans.

When The Cure are at their most captivating, their haunting anthems such as “Before Three”, “The End of the World”, and “(I Don’t Know What’s Going) On” are exquisite love songs that sound like they were composed by an ancient god only to be revived by a modern band.

Disintegration, their most iconic album, is an exquisite piece of synth-heavy, thoughtful art rock. It has become one of the most influential rock albums ever, inspiring numerous spinoffs across multiple genres and inspiring the music of countless other artists.

Disintegration earned both critical and commercial acclaim, though not to the same degree as their follow-ups Faith and Pornography. While those albums took them away from the pop-centric sound of their earlier work, these two albums cemented them as cult favorites and set the stage for Bloodflowers – widely considered to be their last album.

No matter the circumstances, The Cure fans have been anxiously awaiting a new album since 2010. With an expected release date near Halloween, many hope this LP will be their first new material in over a decade.

Fans of The Cure or even those who aren’t, should add this collection to their music library. With an expansive selection of B-sides, live tracks and instrumentals in one convenient package, this is a must have for Cure enthusiasts everywhere.

Born For This

The internationally bestselling author of Heartstopper and Loveless brings you this hilarious yet heartwarming tale about friendship and self-discovery. This captivating coming-of-age story alternates between Fereshteh’s perspective and Jimmy’s as they grapple with their senses of identity while making decisions that will shape their futures.

This poignant and deeply personal new novel from the creator of HEARTSTOPPER and LOVELESS follows a young woman as she navigates a world where fame, fortune and faith all play an integral part. Faced with these overwhelming fears, she must learn to trust her instincts and strengths while also deciding if it’s worth sacrificing everything for someone who truly matters in her life.

BeBe Winans’ original music and lyrics form the heart of Born for This, an inspiring tale about the struggles and rewards of following one’s dreams. Originally conceived as a Broadway musical, the show recently had its world premiere at Feinstein’s/54 Below in Boston with Maddie Shea Baldwin, Liisi LaFontaine, Loren Lott, Donald Webber Jr., Kirsten Wyatt, and director Charles Randolph-Wright in attendance.

It’s an uplifting story that will have you rooting for its heroes and heroines at every turn. Ultimately, the book proves that success can come from hard work alone, while loving yourself and others is truly what defines a life well lived.

Stephanie Mills achieved international renown between 1979-1989 with her impressive collection of highly acclaimed recordings for various labels, cementing herself as one of the premier Soul vocalists of her era. A natural talent, Stephanie has the unique ability to craft timeless hits that keep audiences singing along for hours on end. After 30 years in the music industry, Stephanie Mills continues to delight fans around the world with her timeless hits.

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