Best Songs About the Loss of a Friend

Songs about grieving for a friend can be an incredibly moving way to cope with grief. Some songs even help you move forward from your friend’s passing.

This song speaks of many things, but mainly the grief one experiences when someone close to you passes away. It conveys the agony of not being able to hold them anymore or speak with them.

Who Knew? by Pink

In 2006, Pink released the hit single “Who Knew?” from her debut album Greatest Hits So Far. The track quickly went viral and became her second single worldwide.

Her music video portrays the song at a county fair and tells the tale of two young lovers who fall in love but ultimately part ways. As one begins using drugs, while the other attempts to keep him clean, the girl tries to intervene and stop him.

The song is a memorial to her friend who passed away from an overdose. It was an immense loss for her and she wishes she could turn back time.

On June 11, 2007, after a short absence from radio, the song was re-released in America and quickly reached the top five. Additionally, it achieved double-Platinum status in Australia – becoming Pink’s second best selling single there.

I Still Miss You by Keith Anderson

I Still Miss You is a classic country hit that mourns the loss of a friend. Originally recorded by Vertical Horizon and later covered by Gary Allan, the song reached number 7 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2005.

Keith Anderson was born in Oklahoma and raised with a close-knit family. Upon graduating from Oklahoma State University with a 3.9 GPA, his talent as a baseball player led to an offer from the Kansas City Royals. Alongside playing baseball professionally, Keith developed an interest in music that eventually led him to leave his job at an engineering firm in Dallas to pursue it full time.

His debut album, Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll, was released in 2004 and quickly achieved gold certification due to its two Top 10 hits.

Anderson co-wrote the title track, a duet with Garth Brooks and George Jones, which was recorded by Arista Nashville in 2004. Since then he has become an acclaimed country music star.

In 2006, Anderson joined David Nichols and Mike Sellers to pen this song that was inspired by their own recent heartbreaks. It is a powerful piece that continues to move many people’s emotions today.

Lance’s Song by Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band has quickly earned themselves a place of honor in country music circles, thanks to their impressive songwriting and captivating live shows. Their success has earned them numerous awards and accolades, from three Grammy nominations to numerous platinum-selling albums.

Aside from their chart-topping hits, the band also excels at crafting heartfelt and sentimental songs that will have listeners in tears. For instance, “Highway 20 Ride” follows the story of a divorced man who makes trips every other weekend to visit his son.

This song boasts a clever title and captivating melody that will surely give you goosebumps. Its emotional journey will surely motivate you to reach out and touch someone close to your heart.

Lance’s Song by Zac Brown Band is essential listening if you’re contemplating how best to say goodbye to someone special in your life. It’s one of life’s most poignant moments, so remember that everything will be okay in the end.

Light Years by Pearl Jam

One of Pearl Jam’s many iconic songs is “Light Years.” Their sophomore release, Binaural, wasn’t their most successful studio album but it did receive favorable critical praise and helped pave the way for what was to come in their next decade.

Eddie Vedder delivers an emotive vocal performance in “This Song,” exploring loss and longing. It quickly became a hit on radio airplay, perfectly encapsulating Pearl Jam’s new musical direction.

Vedder’s song, “Life Wasted,” was reworked after his friend Johnny Ramone passed away. In it, he describes that when you leave that funeral, you gain a renewed appreciation for life.”

This uptempo track is packed with punk energy. Even though the production is murky, Pearl Jam manages to pull it off and guitarist Mike McCready gives some impressive solos.

Vedder’s vocal opposition to the music industry’s corporate attitudes is well-known, and this song underscores his message. He sings that “you can’t always trust people in power.” Vedder’s vocals are trembling, his words poignant.

Gone Too Soon by Michael Jackson

“Gone Too Soon” is a song performed by Michael Jackson from his 1991 album Dangerous, written by Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan in remembrance of those lost to AIDS.

The song expresses the fragility of life, and was originally recorded for television in 1983 by Dionne Warwick. Jackson then covered it in 1990 as a tribute to his friend Ryan White who passed away from complications caused by AIDS in 1990.

He befriended White during his final five years, often flying him out to Neverland Ranch. The media attention that White received helped raise awareness about AIDS and funding for research into it. White passed away just weeks before his 18th birthday, so Jackson dedicated this song in his memory. It also featured in a music video that featured footage of Jackson and White together as well as home movies from White’s family; shot by Bill DiCicco for inclusion on Jackson’s 1993 VHS Dangerous – The Short Films album.

Connecticut Steps by Evan Thomas Weiss

Evan Thomas Weiss is the singer-songwriter behind Chicago, Illinois-based band Into It Over It — a solo project that has become one of the leading names in the emo revival scene of the 2010s. He’s also been part of other bands such as Damiera, Stay Ahead Of The Weather, Their/They’re/There and Pet Symmetry among many others.

Connecticut Steps is a song written by lead singer Evan Thomas Weiss about the loss of a friend, written with emotion in mind. It captures his reaction upon learning of their passing and leaves him feeling as if no one else understood how much he was missing out on. It’s an uplifting track that anyone who has experienced loss will be able to relate to, especially if they too have experienced someone close in their lives.

The audio quality of Into It Over It is impressive, thanks to the combination of digital and analog instruments as well as several effects for an appealing soundscape.

My House by Lou Reed

Lou Reed is best known for his work with The Velvet Underground, but he also released several solo albums during the 1970s. In 1965, he recorded a demo for a solo record that remained unreleased until Light in the Attic Records joined forces with Laurie Anderson to release it this year, in conjunction with Reed’s 80th birthday celebrations.

It’s the inaugural release in The Lou Reed Archive series, overseen by Laurie Anderson’s widow. Co-producer Don Fleming discovered it while searching through Reed’s papers, and it remains preserved inside a 5″ reel-to-reel tape box to this day.

Although a bit dated, the album still manages to deliver some solid rock songs and capture a poignant feeling at times.

The album kicks off with the powerful ‘Love Makes You Feel’, easily the best song on the album. It may not be complex in structure, but its catchy solo and catchy melody make for an excellent combination.

Six Feet Deep by the Ghetto Boys

Six Feet Deep by The Ghetto Boys is a song that expresses the grief of losing a friend due to gun violence. In it, they reflect on their good times with the deceased and lament how much they miss him.

This 2013 song is one of the most heartbreaking rap songs ever composed. It also addresses social issues such as gun violence, incarceration and fatherhood with poignant imagery.

Though the lyrics of this song are not particularly encouraging, it still resonates with those who have suffered and want to find a way out. It encourages those trapped in a life of crime and violence to remember their loved ones.

The Geto Boys are a Houston, Texas-based rap group composed of Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill. Their gritty verses about violence, misogyny and hustling earned them platinum-selling artists worldwide.

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