Best Songs About Ice Cream in Their Lyrics

Ice cream is a beloved dessert that many of us have fond memories of eating. So it’s no surprise that many songs feature it in their lyrics.

No matter if it’s an upbeat track or a soothing melody, there are tons of wonderful songs about ice cream out there. So let’s take a look at some of the best ones!

Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby

Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle, is an American rapper and actor best known for his hit single “Ice Ice Baby.”

Vanilla Ice, born and raised in South Dallas but raised throughout Texas and South Florida, released his debut album Hooked on Ichiban Records in 1989. Later signing with SBK Records (EMI Group), Ice reformatted the album under the name To the Extreme which featured two of his most popular hits: “Ice Ice Baby” and a cover version of “Play That Funky Music.”

The song was an instant hit, skyrocketing to number one on Billboard Hot 100 for 16 weeks. Additionally, it enjoyed massive success in Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland.

Hip hop was revolutionized with this movement, taking it from underground underground clubs and into the mainstream market. Additionally, rap’s popularity skyrocketed during the 1990s due to its influence over popular culture.

Vanilla Ice’s career as a huge success was marred by controversy for some time. Ultimately, he changed his lifestyle and musical style to better suit his personal needs.

He has continued to perform and tour throughout the years, beginning with hosting “The Vanilla Ice Project” for DIY Network in 2009. Additionally, he is father to two children: Dusti Rain (born 1998) and KeeLee Breeze (born 2000). Throughout his career, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rap Solo Performance.

Black Pink’s Ice Cream

Black Pink has unveiled the concept teaser poster for their upcoming album BORN PINK, set for release on September 19 and followed by a world tour in October. Additionally, they debuted a song from the LP entitled “Ready for Love” during their PUBG Mobile concert in July.

On National Ice Cream Day, Cincinnati-based chef Liz Rogers has taken her beloved Creamalicious ice cream nationwide with locations in SoCal, Miami and San Francisco. The company is renowned for its grass-grazed milk and cream as well as locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

Rogers’ ice cream recipes are inspired by the flavors and stories she experienced growing up in her family. Each flavor has an origin story, affirmation, and is named for a member of her clan who contributed to its creation.

She loves candy-coated chocolate, ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles, shaved chocolate, as well as her favorite: sundaes with gummy bears. For dairy-free treats, she makes dairy-free ice cream and frozen yogurt.

On July 17, Ace Hardware and Benjamin Moore Paint are joining forces to celebrate National Ice Cream Day by giving away four delicious flavors in pint-size paint cans that match popular Benjamin Moore colors: French White 1093, Mint Chocolate Chip 436, Strawberry-n-Cream 2103-70 and Cocoa Brown 2101-20. On Sunday July 17th a surprise location will host an ice cream truck giving away these paint-inspired treats; plus on July 16th 10 winners will be chosen from those who complete a short questionnaire about Some Day projects on Ace Hardware’s Instagram page.

Jonathan Richman’s Ice Cream Man

The ice cream truck was once a beloved summer fixture, delivering refreshing treats to customers. Unfortunately, with the rise of supermarkets and suburban sprawl, delivery routes have become too long to remain profitable.

Thankfully, some dedicated individuals still make it their business to deliver ice creams directly from their trucks and give customers their own personal touch. Vegan Ice Cream Man is one such business.

This restaurant’s concept may be simple, but the results are spectacular. Enjoy generous scoops of ice cream, plenty of seating areas and generous portions!

In today’s fast-paced world of apps and rushed deliveries, it’s refreshing to come across a place where you can enjoy an ice cold cone with friends. Plus, their outdoor area lets you watch their ice cream trucks as they make sure everyone leaves satisfied.

On hot summer days, this song captures the excitement that children experience when they spot an ice cream truck. It also gives a great description of various kinds of ice cream and how they’re made.

Image Comics’ Ice Cream Man is a groundbreaking series of one-shot stories featuring various ice cream truck characters and themes. At the center of each tale stands an omniscient Ice Cream Man – the weaver of tales and dispenser of sweet treats alike. He can be friend, foe, God or demon – but with just a snap of his fingers you may forever alter your trajectory in life!

Sarah Mclachlan’s Ice Cream

In August, singer Amy Winehouse released her latest single and it’s no shock that it was inspired by her passion for ice cream. This song offers various sundae flavors inspired by various memories and favorites of hers; Aunt Poonie’s Pound Cake being named after her godmother since 150 years, making this treat an essential part of their diet. A truly beautiful track that will surely get you in the mood for some sweet indulgence!

Other ice cream songs might sound nostalgic, but this one is different – it’s about an animated comic book series called ICE CREAM MAN that explores disparate stories of sorrow, wonder and redemption through various flavors. It’s truly a genre-defying tale sure to capture your attention! For more information about ICE CREAM MAN you can check it out here – the series is a must-read for anyone who appreciates ice cream! The comic books can also be found in stores worldwide – check them out and let us know what you think!

Blur’s Ice Cream Man

Blur, a British rock band, have been around for three decades. They’ve released six UK number one albums and earned five Brit Awards with their music. In 2015, they released The Magic Whip – their first studio album under Warner Bros label – which quickly sold over one million copies in the US alone.

This short animated film shows two children trying to get ice cream from the ice cream man’s truck. The boy is fat and runs towards it while his shy counterpart stands behind. Once near, they each receive an ice cream from the driver – until eventually she steals some of his. This song serves as a reminder that ice cream is one of summer’s greatest pleasures, helping us cool off while forgetting about all the troubles plaguing our country right now.

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