Best 80s Songs of Madonna

When it comes to music, Madonna is undisputedly one of its greatest influencers. Her iconic singles remain timeless hits that continue to resonate today.

Madonna has created some iconic songs, from her dancehall hits to romantic ballads. To commemorate this milestone, Virgin Radio 80s Plus has compiled a list of her top 10 most beloved Madonna 80s tracks.

Material Girl

Material Girl by Madonna from the 80s has become a timeless classic, cementing Madonna’s legacy as one of music’s most renowned and influential artists.

Madonna wrote and recorded “Music Is Everything” in 1984 for her second single from her album Like a Virgin, becoming one of the world’s most beloved songs.

This song is a hit due to its infectious melody, but it also carries an important message. It speaks about a woman who becomes obsessed with material possessions.

She may own a lot of clothes and money, but she puts her wants before any consideration for love or kindness. She only dates men who can provide her with what she desires.

Definitions of a “material girl” vary, but the general idea is that she values material possessions. She may be shallow and prioritize her money over relationships with friends, but this does not make her evil or undesirable in any way.

TikTok recently saw a trend called “Material Girl”, where people showcase all of their possessions. This has become quite popular on social media and offers people an enjoyable outlet to express themselves creatively.


The ’80s was an exciting decade. While its music was rooted in its time, it also welcomed bold new sounds and an innovative spirit. You’ll see in this playlist that some of the most iconic and influential songs from this era both echo their era and look ahead.

Angel is a song by American pop singer Madonna 80s that was released in 1982 and peaked at No. 3 on Billboard dance charts.

Madonna’s former boyfriend Steve Bray produced the track with producer Mark Kamins. Together they created an uptempo house sound with a New York City vibe.

“Angel” was her debut major single, though it wasn’t her most successful. Other singles from the same album such as “Secret” and “Take A Bow” proved more popular.

Madonna then collaborated with Stephen Bray on Pre-Madonna, a collection of demos recorded during her early years. While some of these songs remain popular today, many didn’t have official music videos due to her hectic schedule at that time; however, she did release promotional clips for some of them nonetheless. Regardless, Pre-Madonna remains an integral part of Madonna’s discography today.

Like A Virgin

Madonna released Like A Virgin as the lead single from her second album, produced by Nile Rodgers. It quickly went on to become one of her biggest hits and cemented Madonna’s status as a pop superstar.

Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly composed the song with the intention of it becoming a ballad for male singer.

Madonna was immediately drawn to the track after hearing it. It explores eroticism and how women can become sexual objects for men.

She wanted to alter how people perceive women and how sex can make them feel powerful and seductive. Furthermore, she aimed to inspire females to gain confidence and accept their sexuality with open arms.

Madonna’s song “Unfaithful” has become one of her most beloved hits, despite its ambiguous lyrics. It can be read as either a cautionary tale for virgins or an inspiration to those who have already lost their virginity and are searching for the right man.

In the music video for this song, Madonna can be seen wearing various outfits including a white wedding dress as she cruises through Venice in a gondola. There are scenes with lions and Saint Mark as well. Although subtle in content, family groups were critical of its promotion of sex without marriage.

Crazy For You

Madonna has never been afraid to take risks with her music, and Crazy For You was no exception. With its uptempo dance groove, it became her second number one single in America – becoming only her second of 12 US number one hits overall.

It was also a hit in the UK, Ireland and Australia – reaching the summit of the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart and receiving glowing praise from music critics.

Madonna’s first chart-topping ballad to become a single, “Magic”, marked an important milestone in her career as she catapulted to stardom. With this success came an inevitable rise to global success that helped catapult Madonna into global superstardom.

In March 1985, the song was released as a single and quickly became an international success. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number one in numerous countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

The song is based on the children’s poem “Star Light, Star Bright.” It’s an upbeat tune that combines dance-pop sensibility with an easy listening style that anyone can understand. This type of tune you can listen to over and over again without getting bored; further proof that Madonna can effectively capture a film’s theme and feel in her songs.

She’s Not Me

Madonna has always had a unique ability to break away from her comfort zone and break the rules. She can deliver an uncompromising pop hit, but she also experiments with soundscapes that draw inspiration from unexpected sources like beat poetry or religious chants. Madonna’s versatility has always been evident through her music, from straight-up pop hits to experimental compositions with lyrics drawn from unexpected places like beat poetry or religious chants.

Ray of Light is one such song, featuring vocal training from 1996’s Evita movie musical. This particular number displays her enhanced ability to sing with precision and power.

The addictive line “I’m like a virgin / Touched for the first time” from Madonna’s hit song “I’m like a virgin” is so captivating and captivating that you can’t help but smile along with it. She brings to life classic pop lyrics from icons like Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday in an irresistibly sensual way, demonstrating her incredible capacity to craft pop hits with emotional depth.

The music video for “She’s Not Me” features guest stars from the entertainment industry, such as Zosia Mamet, Fred Armisen, Vanessa Bayer and Feist. It’s an adorable clip featuring Lewis’ adorable dance moves! Check it out below – it’s the ideal way to commemorate one of pop music’s greatest influencers!

Forbidden Love

Forbidden love is a state of being where you feel passionately for someone but do not wish to share these feelings with them. This type of relationship can be challenging as you never know if the other will accept or hurt by your actions.

This song tells the story of a girl who wants to have an intimate secret relationship with her best friend. Despite feeling for him, she hesitates to tell him because she worries he may not approve.

This song not only has a great melody, but it also conveys an important message. It encourages women to recognize the value of having a secret relationship without worrying about those who might not approve.

This song about forbidden love is one of the most iconic in history. It reached number-one on multiple charts and conveys the difficulty people experience having secret relationships with one another.


Holiday, released in 1983, was one of Madonna’s earliest dance songs. It features some of her finest melodic and vocal work throughout her career; it became one of her most popular tracks and reached number one status both in the United States and United Kingdom.

This love ballad features Madonna singing about her feelings for a man she falls in love with. Although her father doesn’t approve, she goes with him anyway and ends up getting pregnant despite his attempts to discourage her from telling him. Ultimately, however, Madonna comes clean about what has been going on between them and becomes pregnant anyway.

Madonna portrays two distinct people in her video clip — one who is deeply religious and spiritual, and another who embraces Flamenco dancing with passion. She explores how religion and culture shape people’s feelings towards each other.

She also conveys a serious message about abuse suffered by loved ones, which is an important message. Unfortunately, the video itself is rather poor quality; it’s confusing and makes me wonder what the story behind the song is. Additionally, there’s too much black and white imagery making it hard to decipher what the message really means when there are so many color contrasts present.

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