Best Songs of French Montana in 2017

French Montana is a hip-hop artist renowned for his confident attitude and catchy hooks. Additionally, he’s an inspiring humanitarian and entrepreneur.

Morocco-born and Bronx-bred rapper has enjoyed considerable success over the years. Here are some of his greatest songs.

1. ‘Unforgettable’

French Montana’s latest song is an emotional ode to a past love that will always remain unforgettable. This emotional ballad illustrates how memories can shape people’s lives forevermore, offering hope and inspiration in times of difficult times.

Nat King Cole first released this timeless classic in 1951 and it quickly rose to become one of the world’s most beloved songs. Additionally, in 1992 it earned three Grammy awards – testament to its lasting appeal.

In the early 1990s, Nat Cole’s first daughter Natalie Cole covered this track and it quickly became her signature tune. It fared better than other singles on her discography, and the album it appeared on became one of her biggest sellers.

It has now sold 10 million copies worldwide, debuting as the lead single from French Montana’s second album Jungle Rules in 2017.

Unforgettable is featured on Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee and reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart in August 2017, earning it platinum status as well.

The music video for the song tells an inspiring tale of a man striving to reach his goals. It features a dance performance from Triplets Ghetto Kids, an up-and-coming Ugandan group.

French Montana, in addition to his music video, has been sharing motivational posts on social media. Despite being the subject of an online debate regarding his remarks on Instagram, the Bronx-born rapper isn’t letting that stop him from spreading love.

Recently, the rapper shared two new songs which hint at an upcoming project and showcased different sides of himself that his followers may not be familiar with. He collaborated with Future on a trap anthem titled “No Pressure,” and went the extra mile by traveling to Uganda and filming a music video with Triplets Ghetto Kids.

2. ‘Cold’

One of the most anticipated releases of 2017 to date is American hip hop artist French Montana’s new single ‘Cold’ featuring Canadian singer/rapper Tory Lanez. It’s no secret that they have been engaged in an intense online battle, so it was only a matter of time before they revealed their first collaborative effort.

The word ‘cold’ features prominently in both the title track and rappers-a la mode, making this song one for those with a cold disposition. Produced by some of music’s greatest talent including Kanye West’s own Babyface, ‘Cold’ has already reached 15 million+ Spotify streams.

From 1996, Cold garnered a dedicated fan base in their native Alaska before landing a recording deal with Fred Durst’s Limp Bizkit label Flip. Their self-titled debut arrived in 1998 and quickly gained classic status, featuring classic tracks such as ‘Give’ and ‘Go Away’. Unfortunately, Geffen took another drastic turn when they dropped them for good – effectively ending the careers of guitarist Kelly Hayes, bassist Jeremy Marshall and drummer Sam McCandless.

Keep cool this summer with Sprite! They’ve enlisted six of the hottest rappers to create exclusive ‘cold’-themed songs, including Vince Staples, Lil Yachty, DRAM, Vic Mensa, Kamaiyah and Kap G. These song titles will be featured on limited-edition Sprite packaging for a limited time only – silver-sized bottles will be available at select stores nationwide while supplies last.

3. ‘Pop That’

Since his ascension from street rappers to the top of rap, Moroccan-American French Montana has built his reputation by consistently creating great music. From critically acclaimed projects such as his Mac & Cheese and Coke Wave series of mixtapes to viral videos and songs like “Choppa Choppa Down” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Montana’s fan base has steadily expanded.

His discography is impressive, but what sets him apart is his willingness to experiment with new styles and production. This has marked him as a prime example of rap’s evolution towards more fluid forms.

No doubt, French’s most notable collaborations have been with Chinx Drugz and Max B, but his solo work has also been impressive. Tracks like “Bring Dem Things” from Jungle Rules showcase how Pharrell’s laid back beat and French’s smooth flow combine to create a track that is both entertaining and moving.

Another outstanding French and Max B collaboration is “Death Around The Corner”. A Tupac sample is turned into an intense performance by both artists, showcasing their abilities at their highest level. This song stands as one of the most honest tracks on the album and serves as proof of how well these two artists work together.

In an age when dancehall is on the rise in rap, French’s interpolation of “Unforgettable” is one of the finest on the scene. His jazzy Harry Fraud instrumental and fantastic Chinx Drugz & Stack Bundles guest verses make for an instant classic that has since become a mainstay on the charts.

4. ‘Tip Toe’

Jason Derulo’s newest single, ‘Tip Toe,’ is set to appear on his 777 album and features upbeat synthesizers alongside energetic dancehall beats. To accompany the song, Derulo created a video featuring an ensemble of dancers dancing through an urban jungle.

Last week, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie teased a collaboration between them that would be released on December 6th via streaming services.

At thirteen, Karim Kharbouch from Casablanca, Morocco moved with his family to New York City and quickly immersed himself into Bronx rap culture. Along with Max B, his mentor, he began selling ‘Cocaine City’ mixtapes and DVDs which caught the attention of major label executives.

Over the course of his career, he has been accused of being dull and juvenile; however, a closer look into his discography reveals otherwise. The man has always been an adaptable rapper who embraces changing up his style and isn’t afraid to try different productions.

No wonder, then, that the man has created so many timeless classic songs such as “Unforgettable” and “Cold.” Though we all recognize his notable collaborations with Pharrell, Swae Lee and Chinx Drugz, there are a few lesser-known gems worth noting.

On “Shot Caller,” French and Harry Fraud pay homage to an era of New York rap that has long since passed away, seamlessly working it into their beat. Featuring a Thomas Bell Orchestra sample and French’s relaxed flow, the track has an authentic gangster movie vibe a la American Gangster.

5. ‘Here It Is’

French Montana is one of rap’s most underrated artists. His discography boasts an impressive catalogue of great songs that have gone unnoticed. In his quest for success, he’s taken on new styles and experimented with different production techniques.

He’s collaborated with a variety of producers and released many albums over the years, including some iconic tracks like “Bring Dem Things” from ‘Jungle Rules’ featuring Pharrell and “Tunnel Vision,” featuring Chinx Drugz and Harry Fraud.

On ‘Here It Is, Montana takes a more reserved approach than most of his tracks, leaving behind his trademark ad-libs and personality behind to focus on introspective self-reflection. He opens up about death, life, and growing up in the Bronx; it’s an inspiring track that speaks volumes about Montana’s development as an artist.

The production of the song is stunning, with Sidney Swift and Detail ensuring French’s vocals reach new heights. It’s an incredible rap gem with universal appeal.

French’s track features some fantastic lyrics, including a clever line about “.44 long nose call me elephant man,” an adorable nod to Tupac. Overall, it’s an enjoyable track that perfectly blends French’s unique lyricism with Max B’s classic hook.

This track was one of the most controversial tracks of French Montana’s ’10s era, yet it became a huge hit that solidified his status as an artist. It featured the first Kingdom Hearts II sample and featured Utada Hikaru, further expanding his sound even further. This great tune will remain one that French fans will remember for years to come.

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