Best Stripper Songs

Are you searching for the ultimate stripper song collection? Look no further. Here are some of the greatest hits that will have you gyrating and sexing like nobody’s business!

Some of these songs may be classics, but they remain timeless classics that you’ll hear in most clubs. Others boast an intense hard rock edge that makes them ideal for more dramatic stripping performances.

1. Motley Crue’s “Girls Girls Girls”

One of the greatest stripper songs is Motley Crue’s 1987 hit “Girls Girls Girls.” This uptempo tune is perfect for getting you in the mood for a striptease and it’s also popular among club goers. With its thrilling guitar riff and catchy lyrics, this tune will get you moving!

It’s no shock that this band’s reputation for debauchery includes a song about strip clubs. This iconic track became an international hit and is still played in these establishments today.

Aside from its provocative lyrics, this track also features an entertaining music video featuring the band performing an exotic dance routine. A must-have for any stripper’s collection!

One great song for a striptease is Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.” This uptempo track sets the ideal atmosphere and should definitely be in everyone’s library as it’s often featured at most strip clubs.

Poison’s sex-friendly song ‘Cherry Pie’ is more explicit in its imagery. While it might not be ideal for a striptease, its dramatic nature does not make it uncomfortable to listen to.

Furthermore, it’s a perfect way to round out the night and send the party off with a bang!

Finally, Tone Loc’s “Shake It” is an ideal striptease song that’s sure to get everyone moving. With its catchy drum beat and powerful guitar riffs, this track makes for a great selection for any striptease.

With so many great stripper songs to choose from, it can be hard to pick the perfect ones. Fortunately, there are a few standouts you should add to your collection.

2. Eminem’s “Shake That”

Eminem’s “Shake That” is the ultimate stripper song due to its sensual lyrics and captivating beat. This uptempo number will get your party started and keep everyone dancing all night long.

Emmitt Till is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest rappers and songwriters, having achieved worldwide success. A major force in hip hop culture, his songs have become staples on radio stations and TV shows across America.

Hip-hop artist has gained notoriety for his ability to rap over instrumentals that range from manic to poignant. While some have criticized his style for its excessive profanity and celebration of drugs, violence, and misogyny, he remains a critically acclaimed artist with an insightful lyrical voice and passionate fan base.

His most renowned achievement is undoubtedly the 2002 film 8 Mile, which was loosely based on his life. The rap album he made for the movie, The Marshall Mathers LP, earned him two nominations for Grammy Awards as Best Rap Album and won both.

In 2009, Eminem released Relapse, his first studio album in five years. Although it received mixed reviews, its singles–including “Crack a Bottle”–soared to the top of the charts and earned him a Grammy Award for Best Rap Single.

Revival, the rapper’s most recent album released in 2017 to mixed reviews, featured collaborations with Beyonce and Ed Sheeran but failed to match his previous successes. Nonetheless, it remains popular among hip-hop fans while keeping him relevant with commentary on current events. Additionally, he’s a political activist, often appearing at rallies or other public gatherings.

3. Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast”

Lana Del Rey’s latest single, “West Coast,” serves as the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album Ultraviolence. She co-wrote it with Rick Nowels and recorded it alongside Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

This atmospheric summer jam session sets the scene for Lana’s new album and showcases two distinct sides of her voice – something of an antithesis from what we’ve heard on radio in 2014 but that shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing.

This song is a throwback to surf-rock, featuring more seediness and psychedelic imagery than some of her previous efforts. It also sounds less orchestral than her debut, Born To Die, while being much more experimental.

This melancholic song tells the tale of a woman leaving her lover for an adventure, only to return and realize how much she misses him. It makes an ideal song for stripping because it’s easy enough to dance along to and will ensure you receive all the attention you desire.

Another great option for stripping is Britney Spears’ classic hit, “I’m a Slave for You.” This song is incredibly sensual and sure to get everyone on the dance floor with a bang. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make your partner feel good about themselves and ensure they keep coming back for more.

For some sultry pop music to add to your stripping routine, Muse’s cover of “You Sexy Thing” is the perfect choice. This timeless classic will have you feeling like royalty and making yourself feel powerful and empowered. Plus, Zella Day’s rendition of The Beatles’ song, “I Want You Back,” also makes for great partner entertainment when both are stripping.

4. Tone Loc’s “Shake It”

This song is perfect to get you up and dancing. It has a catchy beat and fun lyrics that will have you wanting to keep dancing all night long. No matter if you’re into hip-hop or not, this should be in your collection – plus, its timeless quality ensures it never gets old!

This iconic stripper song has been around since 2004, and its strong rhythmic beat and solid bass have always wowed audiences. Perfect for a VIP room or stage performance that’s sure to turn heads, this iconic number will never go out of style!

No matter its long-standing popularity, this song remains one of the best stripper songs ever written. It has been on our list for some time and deserves to remain there. Perfect for any stripper looking to gain notoriety! Additionally, it provides plenty of opportunities for those just wanting to have some fun and show off their dancing abilities.

5. Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love You”

This timeless song is often performed live onstage by dancers. It boasts powerful drumming, two guitar solos, and lyrics that are more upbeat than offensive.

Jay-Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt (1996), is a testament to his talent as a rapper and ability to craft an engaging narrative about his upbringing in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects. While growing up, the rapper struggled with substance abuse issues, violence and poverty; yet he turned to music as an outlet to escape these hardships and eventually became one of hip-hop’s biggest stars.

On his 13th studio album, 4:44, Jay-Z took us inside of his life by exploring racism and politics in America with his own words. The result? An instant hit with many fans applauding both his honest lyrics and artistic maturity.

“I Just Wanna Love You” is an ideal example of this concept. Not only is it sultry and sensual, but also powerfully symbolic about masculinity and power. Perfect for while stripping or just feeling sexy for a short while!

Though this song is quite old, it still has everything necessary for an ideal stripper song. It boasts an intense bassline and captivating beat, plus lyrics that will surely grab women’s attention.

This song is ideal for a stripping session, particularly with your partner. However, it can also be used at any kind of stripping event as long as you know the lyrics. It’s an upbeat, sensual tune that appeals to both men and women alike, with just enough attitude to keep people interested.

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